Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still At the Beach

It's raining here. Hasn't rained all summer and then it took us by surprise today. Probably surprised the church picnic taking place behind our house even more. After a summer of sunny, easy photographs, the rain reminds me that I can't just point and shoot and get the photo I was looking for. I'd intended to write about my railing planters, but I'll wait on that. 

Things are shifting here on my home front.  I work from home and the last few weeks have been crazy busy compared to the ultra slow pace we'd gotten used to (and I couldn't be happier). This is the reason for fewer blog posts in the last few weeks. 

I have decided to take a class (or two) on Wordpress this fall. The goal is that I can eventually manage our business website. That class requires setting up a blog and website, so I can foresee fewer posts here while I'm taking the courses. If the site is worth looking at I may ask for your opinion. 

Today, my original post was to make a journal entry of what not to do next year. While looking at my rainy photos of the planter, I saw that I still had several from our trip to the beach last week.

So, I guess this post is more for myself, since I love that place, being with Chris, and having all of our responsibilities far away.

Photos from the beach:

The public was not allowed on the pier to see the sea lions in Astoria, OR.
They are the small dots lined up in front of the boats in the video above. 

A first for us, visiting the Astoria column.
This is the view from the ground looking to the south. The hilltop provides a panoramic view of the Pacific and the tips of both Oregon and Washington.

I liked this 3D copper map showing the mouth of the Columbia River.
Our location was worn from so many people touching that spot.

3 frames above the headboard in our room with vintage postcards. 
The sunny reflection was a plus in my mind.

Why I feel at home here

Coffee and pastries from Pacific Way Bakery and Cafe on our marble cafe table.

Agapanthus in the hotel garden. Pretty sure I took a picture of it last year...
sure did, here it is

Well, I enjoyed going back and reliving our brief trip to the beach. I did not take my phone to the beach, so no beach photos. These will have to tide me over until our next trip. 

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  1. I see that my video is not showing, despite working in the preview.
    Imagine the sound of sea lions in the distance...