Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just the Beginning

My first crop of veggies: peas. It happened overnight, they were covered with white blossoms then I looked out the window and found tiny pea pods. It's a little silly I guess to get excited over them, but as yet this one container on the back deck is my only garden.

I've got soil and compost and some new lettuce ready for the railing planters. I've tried twice to remove the drainage hole plugs and am not able to do it myself. Very annoying, I must now ask the man to help me.

Then there's the community garden. I put a request in over 2 weeks ago for rototilling and as of yesterday, still nothing. I've tried to be patient, finally wrote to the garden contact and asked for my money back. Even she thought it should have been done by the 1st. I'm not a patient person and we've had unusually sunny, warm weather for the last 2 weeks. People I talk to are surprised I haven't started yet. If it had rained non-stop like it normally does I would not care.

We are going to try corn this year, anybody have a variety that works well in the northwest? Let me know in the comments.

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