Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Riverfront Trail

Today we went for a nice, long walk along the river just east of downtown Vancouver. We picked a trail we used to walk on during lunch breaks when we worked downtown. The trail is called the Renaissance Trail and it runs along the north bank of the Columbia River. There are two sections that do not connect. One to the west near restaurants on the river. The other to the east near industrial parks, that's where we were headed.

We started at Marine Park and went east through the park, past the Water Resource Center, until we encountered a detour. Turns out a portion of the trail is eroding and under repair. The detour took us around some condos then back to the trail. Not as scenic, but a still a nice quiet walk that takes you back to the jetty. That's where I snapped a few photos.

 I also took some plant photos along the way. 
Yellow was the predominant color: lichen, Yellow Twig dogwood, and Witch hazel.

I'm sure when we go back the foliage and flowers will be in full force. This walk offered one last look at the winter landscape.

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