Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 

A few things I discovered this week that I'd like to share:

I attended a rain garden workshop a week ago. Earlier this week, while looking at the websites of our presenters I discovered that one is a floral designer as well as landscape designer. Take a look at the website, Habitat Concepts: 
My favorites are the art opening arrangements.

The Little Red House is a blog I follow. Sheena has decided to start a project called One by One. Every week she will post a challenge to us to make a difference. The goal is for us to spread the word. The catch is - no bragging about it,  just let the deed be gratification. 
For more info go to her  page:
I'm supporting the project by adding her yellow button on my right side bar. 

My focus is usually small space, multi-purpose gardening. Pinterest allows me to drool over gardens (and other things) that are not part of my reality. This english cottage garden is a good example. Feel free to look at all my Pinterest boards for both relevant and irrelevant items.

Have a great weekend, it is sunny and spring-like here.
Leave a comment or link to some of your favorites if you like.

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