Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Show at Monticello Antique Marketplace

Items in the Salvage Garden, really wanted that trellis.

This morning we drove across the river to Portland to see the Monticello Antique Marketplace Fall Show. The Salvage Garden looked better than ever and was packed full of vintage items. The Salvage Garden has all types of yard and patio furniture and decor and is my first stop when I go there. The rest of the store is just as interesting, Monticello has over 100 dealers and there were quite a few of them restocking their booths.

Lots of windows, gates, and picket fencing

Of course we stopped for lunch at Monti's Cafe, then did more looking around. I bought some "kits" with miscellaneous scrapbooking materials and a set of gift tags - thinking about the holidays. I actually spent under $20. I saw a lot of cool antiques, and when in doubt about the item, they are usually marked on the price tag. Today I saw old potato mashers, graters and egg baskets

If I had a yard, it would be covered with old watering cans. Bird houses too.

After shopping we went back to Monti's Cafe for coffees, they have an awesome pastry selection, but no gluten free items. The Fall Show lasts until September 30th. If you're in the Portland metro area I recommend going.

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