Friday, August 31, 2012

Proper Plant Pronunciation

Tomorrow we are going across the river to Portland to attend a class at Portland Nursery. The thing about Portland Nursery is that they have more than one store. The original Portland Nursery is located on Stark St. in an older neighborhood on the east side. Chris and I attended a class on rain gardens last year at the store on Division. That was the first time we'd been there and we were pleasantly surprised by it's unique charm. Slightly smaller than the store on Stark St., the Division store is located just west of I-205 making it a lot easier to get to. 

When I was looking at classes on their website (there are a lot of interesting ones) I noticed a link on their page. On the left side of the page, toward the bottom is one called "Guide to Pronunciation".  I've struggled with the pronunciation of botanical plant names for over 20 years. Even with a dictionary, it's hard to figure out some of those plant names. 

The Portland Nursery link takes you to Fine Gardening's website to a page called Pronunciation Guide. Just click on the name of a plant and you can hear how it's pronounced. 

Here's a link:

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