Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden Snapshots

This morning I went to the garden plot and spent about an hour and a half just watering. It's getting warmer here in the northwest. We are the only part of the country that had 70 degree weather the last few weeks and have finally made it into the 80's.

 We're lucky, if we'd had the heat wave here, my veggies might not be around. I've been out of town and working on my house in the woods. Luckily, my garden partner took care of watering. Today was my turn, so I took a few photos of other plots while I was there.

Nasturtiums and onions in our plot
Our plot

Other plots

 Using a ladder for beans

Precision onion planting

Scarlet runner beans in back on teepees (really wanted those),
purple flowered plants in front (can someone id?)

Lettuce mix I would like to grow next year


  1. This time of the year is absolutely the best isn't it. I'm truly fascinated by how fast everything is growing. This is my first year having planted pumpkins so it should be ultra exciting to see our harvest this fall.

    1. When I went to the garden I really was there just to water. But I knew I had to get some photos because when I come back everything is different. Everything changes daily right now. Good luck with your pumpkins.