Monday, June 18, 2012

You Never Know What's Waiting Around the Corner

In yesterday's blog post, Impromptu Berry Picking I mentioned that I had more photos.  My mom took me to visit her friend on Saturday to see her yard. She had been a Master Gardener and her yard appears to be a lifetime's worth of trips to the nursery. The front yard is tiny and packed with evergreen shrubs and flowering perennials. The backyard is a small orchard with fruit trees and vines.

Along her driveway were a variety of plant groupings.

Creeping juniper with a succulent

Cotoneaster and thyme (with extras)

Mix of corsican mint, lilly of the valley and 2 blue flowers I can't id
(If you can id them leave me a comment)

I just loved the mix of ground covers as well as the variety as you walk along her drive. 

We had seen just about everything when my mom wandered into the far corner of the front yard to get a better look at a pink flowering vine. That's when we found this guy:

Big Foot
The trees and shrubs in the front yard are fully grown and keep "Big Foot" hidden from street view. It was an amusing discovery in a yard with no tchotchkes (pronounced "chochkas", yes I had to look it up).


  1. Sasquatch must love all the berries.

  2. I found one of the blue flowers on Pinterest today.
    It's called Love In a Mist / Nigella damascena, it is the larger blue flower in the photo above. I love Pinterest...