Thursday, June 14, 2012

What To Put In The Last Few Square Feet?

Saturday my mom and I will visit the garden of a friend of hers who lives just a mile or two from me. We've met a couple of times and she was part of the group to visit Chapman's Greenhouse in April. I believe she is a Master Gardener, whether she is or not, I will be asking her advice.

Empty spot just behind the teepee became hose storage area

I've got a tiny spot left in the community garden and I'm stumped about what to put in it. It's about  4'x3' and was the 'bog' that the leaky water faucet had created. The faucet's been repaired and we planted everywhere but there. I feel like something should go there, but am drawing a blank. Veggies? Flowers? Hoses?

It needs something compact, I liked the idea of rhubarb, but no matter what I come up with the problem is not knowing if it's too late.  I'd decided on some California poppies, but today I read the seed packet and it said planting season for our climate ended in May.

Usually, my problem is too many ideas, this time it's not having any. Hopefully by Saturday I'll have one.

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