Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watering Guidelines

I've filled out the registration and release forms for my garden plot and am now waiting for my orientation on March 19th.  I was surprised to find 2 pages on water use included in the paper work. Page 1 is a Watering Agreement and Page 2 is a list of "Water conservation Tips and pointers".

The Farm promotes sustainable practices, so you agree to follow water their conservation guidelines. These include using a moat around plants, watering plants individually, but never using overhead sprinklers.

Water Conservation tips include:
knowing plant water requirements
and using milk jugs with holes in the bottom set in the ground to fill once or twice a week.  The guidelines even suggest adding fertilizer to the jugs later. 

This goes hand in hand with the concept I mentioned earlier (2/6/12) of using water bottles in containers as a self-watering tool. This is an idea that I came across online, but had never tried.
Now I've just got to find some large milk jugs.

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